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Smart Parking Industry Landscape

Today we present to you our overview of the Parking Industry Landscape of 2018.

The smart parking industry is changing fast. Just look at the way we move around our cities these days. How we move from A to B these days is way different than 10 years ago. Several factors are driving these changes:

  • New mobility innovations by startups, scale-ups and innovation teams and larger corporations are being launched every day.
  • Because of IoT innovations Parking needs of consumers are changing with record speed. No longer do drivers want to waste time when searching for a parking space. They want solutions to know in real-time where they can park their car.
  • The mobility and parking needs of consumers are changing with record speed. Think of the growing sharing economy, the Amazon of mobility: Uber and the newest trends when it comes to the last mile: Bird).
  • Changing policies that need to fit increased urbanization and tighter sustainability regulations for policymakers are asking a lot of flexibility from the parking industry.

The future of the Parking Industry

In the light of these rapid changes, the mobility and Smart Parking industry has learned to adapt and to be flexible. In this day and age, it is unthinkable not to think about the future of your industry. As an industry we need to think about the impact of the connected car, the Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Autonomous driving and smart infrastructure like Smart Roads that are able to monitor themselves for maintenance prediction.

The speed at which the mobility and Smart Parking landscape is changing makes the Smart Parking Industry a very exciting sector to be in. Why is this? This is because parking will keep on playing a major role in the smart cities of the future for years to come. The way in which parking in the future is organized will be up for the debate but vehicle sales aren’t showing any signs of slowing down soon. This asks for smarter solutions to park vehicles and more efficient ways and systems to facilitate residents with parking services.

Our hopes are high for the parking sector

Our hopes are high for the future of our industry as a whole. As an industry, we need to keep innovating. Only then will cities and its residents benefit them most. All of us together will keep striving to provide a better experience in getting from A to B. We Parkeagle are proud to be part of the Smart Parking Industry.

Let us make cities a better place for its residents and its visitors. Let us make cities more livable for now and for the future generations to come. Let’s make parking fast, fun and easy together!

Why make a Smart Parking industry landscape

By creating this Parking Industry Landscape for the year 2018, we hope to provide the smart parking industry, our clients and partners with valuable insights into the names of the valuable players in the Parking Industry. Every company on this list is making an impact in parking and we value their competitiveness and innovative spirit with much love. By providing this list we celebrate our innovative industry and congratulate everyone on making their mark and impact on parking, traffic and vehicle detection.

If you want to be included in the landscape please contact us directly and we will add you on the list in your most prominent category.

Companies in the Parking Landscape

Advice & Infrastructure Organizations

P1, Ballast Nedam, All Jobs, Mobycon, JHK Architecten, DesydeParkassist, Centric, Agendum, IP Parking, PCH Parking, Dura VermeerGoudappel Coffeng, Sweco, Spark.

Future Mobility

Lyft, BlaBlaCar, Caarbon, TomTom, Tesla, Luxe, Uber, MyWheels, Mobypark, Parkeagle, Car2Go, Yellowbrick, Greenwheels, Getaround, Snappcar, SpotHero, Google, ZipCar.

Parking Access & Payment Operators

Taxameter Centrale, Nagels, EBN, Efaflex, Van Dodeweerd, Scheidt & Bachmann, IPParking, Nedap, SKIDATA, WPS.

Parking Enforcement

Genetec, Cition, ParkeerService, Trigion, ParkingEye, Taxameter Centrale, Agendum, Egis.

Parking Operators:

Qpark, APCOA Parking, NCP, PCH Parking, LAZ Parking, Interparking, Schiphol, Park ‘N Fly, OPCParkKing, Impark, BCP, N Parking, iPark, Britannia Parking.

Parking Organizations:

International Parking Institute, Parking Network, ParkNews, VEXPAN, Parking Today, Parking Technology Hub, TransportXtra, ParkingEye, British Parking Association, National Parking Association.

Parking Camera Vehicle Detection:

Taxameter Centrale, KiwiSecurity, VDG, ACTI, eliko, Park Assist, Gridsmart, ParkingDetection, Parkhelp, VisionSystems.

Parking Sensor Vehicle Detection:

Parkeagle, Bosch, Fastprk2, Parkhelp, Nedap, Smart Parking Techology, CivicSmart, Fybr, Siemens, NWave, Smartup Cities, AKE, PNI, Waviot, Libelium, Kiunsys, Telensa, Tinynode, Streetline.

Smart City Operators:

Cisco, Eneco, Ericsson, IBM, KPN, Microsoft, Nuon, Oracle, PhilipsPalantir, Siemens, Salesforce, Taxameter Centrale.

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