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Vehicle Counting

Parkeagle’s Smart Counting Sensors: Our cutting-edge Smart Vehicle Counting System 

The Parkeagle sensor counting technology will detect passing vehicles in real-time. The Smart counting sensor system enables you to make your roads intelligent using a wireless turnkey solution that is easy to deploy, manage and remove.

The Benefits

  • The road of the future: Your roads of the future will detect how many vehicles and types of vehicles pass by in real-time. Know which roads are being used more or less on which time of the day enabling you to manage your roads efficient now and in the future.
  • Temporary solution: The vehicle counting system is designed to be easy to install and remove within several minutes. This makes it a highly versatile solution which can be installed the measure sporadically when it’s needed.
    The technology enables you to measure the impact of infrastructural changes.

Parkeagle’s counting sensors make your roads intelligent and manageable so that you can focus on your biggest priorities.

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