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Our Smart Parking Solutions help cities and towns to reduce congestion, pollution and to decrease stress for drivers. How? By guiding drivers to available parking spaces using our smart parking bay sensors to know which spaces are available. No more searching for a parking spot: With Smart Parking, parking will become a breeze!

Smart Parking

Our flagship service: Parkeagle’s Smart Parking Solution, helping municipalities and companies worldwide to reduce congestion, fuel usage and CO2 emissions

Smart Parking is a Smart City solution that helps drivers find a parking spot by accessing real-time parking occupancy information through a mobile app or digital road signs. This enables drivers to find a parking space by simply knowing where they can park their car. Parkeagle uses ultra-low power smart parking sensors to collect the parking bay occupancy data in real-time.

The Benefits for you

  • Reduce emissions in your city: By knowing where to park your car, your drive fewer kilometers which results in a decrease in fuel usage and thus leads to fewer emissions. Parking is an easy problem to solve but generates an incredible ROI when it comes to making your city more sustainable.
    Ultimately making your city a better place for now and future generations.
  • Reduce street congestion: The days of endless searching for a parking spot are over. Which means fewer cars in the streets endlessly circling around without knowing where to park.
  • Real-time parking analytics: With Smart Parking you’ll be able to monitor your parking assets and parking spots in real-time. Know which spaces are popular and where people tend to park longer than usual. Once you look at the endless possibilities parking analytics become very exciting.

The Benefits for drivers

  • Reduces stress related to parking: You know the feeling: anxiously searching for a spot or garage, it’s excruciating. Take this pain away by implementing Smart Parking and give your residents a premium parking experience.
  • Save time and money: Finding a parking spot with ease saves you valuable time and money when which has a positive effect on the bank account and productivity.

Entrance Detection

A world-class turn-key wireless solution for entrance detection of vehicles by utilizing our Smart Entrance Detection Sensors

Monitor whenever and how many vehicles enter and leave your parking vicinity enabling you to monitor and optimize entrances and exits in real-time.

The Benefits for you

  • Occupancy data: Know how many and when cars enter your parking facilities in real-time. The system lets you monitor the entire parking occupancy of your parking lots, P+R lots and office parking lots making it easy for you to manage your facility accordingly. 
  • Stand-alone system: A plug and play system that is deployed and calibrated within 30 minutes with no physical impact on the road, entrance or gate.
  • Integrable with the Smart Parking app: Once you know the occupancy rate of your entire parking lots you will be able to share this information with drivers through the Parkeagle Smart parking app.

Vehicle Counting

Parkeagle’s Smart Counting Sensors: Our cutting-edge Smart Vehicle Counting System 

The Parkeagle sensor counting technology will detect passing vehicles in real-time. The Smart counting sensor system enables you to make your roads intelligent using a wireless turnkey solution that is easy to deploy, manage and remove.

The Benefits

  • The road of the future: Your roads of the future will detect how many vehicles and types of vehicles pass by in real-time. Know which roads are being used more or less on which time of the day enabling you to manage your roads efficient now and in the future.
  • Temporary solution: The vehicle counting system is designed to be easy to install and remove within several minutes. This makes it a highly versatile solution which can be installed the measure sporadically when it’s needed.
    The technology enables you to measure the impact of infrastructural changes.

Parkeagle’s counting sensors make your roads intelligent and manageable so that you can focus on your biggest priorities.

Use Cases

Parkeagle provides an array of Smart Parking, Entrance Detection and Vehicle Counting solutions based on its Smart Sensor Technology.

Residential Area’s

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Park & Ride

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Truck Parking

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Taxi Parking

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Fairs & Tradeshows

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Parking Garages

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Gas Stations

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Fun & Leisure

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