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StreetEagle Sensors

A turn-key wireless system to monitor parking occupancy, traffic and road quality all in one solution. By creating a virtual fence powered by our flush mounted sensors you’re able to measure passing cars, trams, buses and trucks.

With this system, your streets become Smart, Digital and Easy to Manage. From now on you’ll be able to measure traffic flow, congestion and vehicle type all in real-time. On top of this, the system measures parking occupancy by counting cars. Lastly, the system analyses road usage, frost build-up and maintenance prediction.

Making your roads SMART

  • (S)ensor powered: Street Eagle ultra-low energy sensors detects passing cars and collects data on them.
  • (M)easurable: Street Eagle measures the number of passing vehicles, the direction of vehicles, speed of vehicles and type of vehicles.
  • (A)vailability of parking: Street Eagle measures parking occupancy in real-time by counting cars that are parked in the street.
  • (R)educes inspection needs: Street Eagle knows what roads are getting hammered with vehicles and which are not.
  • (T)racks weather conditions: Street Eagle measures temperature and knows when frost and icing might bring danger.


The Benefits

  • Vehicle counting: Know how many cars are passing through a street
  • Parking occupancy: Know how many vehicles are parked in the street
  • Vehicle congestion: Get insights on streets that get clogged up and congested.
  • Vehicle flow: See which streets are busy and at what time.
  • Ultra-fast installation: Installing 20 sensors in an hour, minimizing nuisance in the neighbourhood and minimizing road closures
  • Nature preserving: When less miles are driven the planet and future generation benefit from less pollution coming from cars.
  • Data-driven decisions: Being able to make well-supported choices based on real-time data.

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