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The Eagle has landed

Today we present our newest Smart Road System: StreetEagle

At Parkeagle we have a clear mission: We want to help cities become loved by their residents! But how do we help cities become loved by their residents? Even further, how do we help residents enjoy where they live in those cities?

After pondering on this a lot, it became clear to us. If we want to help cities become loved, we need to begin at the street level where people live. This led us to come up with a Smart Parking Bay Sensor System in 2017 to find a parking spot through an app, and we have accomplished some awesome projects with this system. But something kept bothering us. We just knew in our hearts that the parking bay sensor solution was not the egg of Columbus. Since parking bays sensors are hard to install, hardware intensive and generally speaking more expensive to acquire as a system.

We knew we had to take it a step further to come up with a genuinely encompassing solution, one that would rule them all and not only solve parking.

That is why at Parkeagle we’ve built the StreetEagle Smart Road System. The wireless sensor system is installed at the beginning and the end of a street to count and analyze ingoing and outgoing traffic. When it comes to parking, the system can accurately measure parking occupancy (for drivers to find a spot) in real-time for the entire street, but that’s not all. It also measures and counts traffic intensity, car speed, movement direction and it detects differences in types of cars. And finally it monitors road temperature, and in the future, it will be able to predict when maintenance is needed or when visual inspection is required.

StreetEagle Benefits

  • (S)ensor powered: Street Eagle ultra-low energy sensors detects passing cars and collects anonymous data on them.
  • (M)easurable: Street Eagle measures the number of passing vehicles, the direction of vehicles, speed of vehicles and type of vehicles.
  • (A)vailability of parking: Street Eagle measures parking occupancy in real-time by counting cars that are parked in the street.
  • (R)educes inspection needs: Street Eagle knows what roads are getting hammered with vehicles and which are not.
  • (T)racks weather conditions: Street Eagle measures temperature and knows when frost and icing might bring danger.

Click here for more detailed information about StreetEagle and the benefits of the system.

The StreetEagle sensors are the smallest and easiest to install sensors in the world.  A single sensor has a total width of 35mm and can be installed in less than 30 sec.

A comparison with other Smart Parking Systems in the market

Nowadays there are numerous Smart Parking systems. For instance, Smart Parking Bay sensors, Parking Cameras and Crowdsourced solutions.
But what is it that makes StreetEagle unique compared to the rest?

In the picture below we compare StreetEagle and the ParkEagle Parking Bay Sensor with the other Smart Parking detection systems in the field.


The StreetEagle’s Smart Road System assists you in making data-driven decisions. From Parking to traffic management, StreetEagle is there to provide you with rich data collected every second of the day for 365 days a year. Become the best city you can possibly be with the smartest roads known to mankind. If you have any questions on how the systems works or you would like to see a live demo, send us an email! 


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