Smart Parking for Cities

Reduce congestion, pollution and driver frustration

The Problem

The population of cities is growing rapidly. Plainly put, available parking spaces are often in short supply. Nearly 30% of traffic in busy urban areas is due to people circling around in search of parking spots. Searching for a spot means wasted time, wasted gas, more pollution and more street congestion.

This increase of congestion is a major problem for cities. It leads to limited mobility, limited access to businesses, housing, and leisure activities. All this results in cities becoming less sustainable and livable not to mention the loss of potential parking revenue.

On top of it all, citizens and businesses are increasingly pushing cities to solve the parking problem. But the solution does not lie in creating more parking spots. This is time-consuming, hard to manage and above all extremely costly. The parking problem in cities requires an intelligent solution. Cities are in need of a Smart Parking solution that allows cities and operators to manage parking resources more efficiently.

The Smart Parking Solution

To combat the growing parking problem Parkeagle has developed a cost-effective Smart parking solution to monitor parking space availability in real-time.

By sensing the status of the on-street parking spaces – occupied or available – Parkeagle can provide real-time traveler information to minimize the time spent searching for parking.

The Smart Parking solution enables cities to inform road users where to find available parking spaces automatically via electronic information panels and mobile apps.

Our smart parking solution leads to less urban congestion and higher parking revenues due to increased occupancy rates per bay.
And finally, it improves safety on the streets when no one has to search for a parking space ever again.

While Parkeagle provides drivers with information to save gas, money, and nerves, parking operators can leverage insights and updates to optimize parking policies.

The Smart Parking Service

The Technology

The Parkeagle wireless parking sensor brings efficient and affordable smart parking technology to the widest possible market. The sensor is fitted directly in the parking bay. It requires no wires or street furniture and has a long battery lifetime. With ultra-low power consumption, data are then transmitted across the Parkeagle network for further processing and delivery to the end user’s system.

Parkeagle is one of the few companies in the world with a system on the market featuring a monitoring tool for sensors which provides real-time sensor updates on battery status, temperature, last message transmitted, and much more.

Our sensor detects when a car is parked and when it leaves the parking bay. When this occurs a message is sent to the central gateway. The central system is integrated with a back-end server for operational control as well as a consumer web dashboard.


We have developed an advanced sensor-based technology and solved the accuracy and complexity challenge with our sensors

  • Wireless solution
  • Highly reliable
  • Support a variety of mounting configurations
  • All-weather
  • Immune to dust and roadside debris (no lens or openings needed)
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Vandal resistant.

The Parkeagle Difference

Our services are of the highest standards.

  • We provide a proven business case for cities.
  • Fraction of the cost of camera systems
  • Simple to install (less than one minute per sensor)
  • Easy integration with third parties apps, frontend and backend providers