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Smart Parking at the Port of Rotterdam

Testing out the technical viability of Smart Parking for the harbor parking lots

The Parking Problem

The Port of Rotterdam wanted to test out how smart parking sensors work and what functionalities they could introduce to more effectively manage the parking assets in the harbor. In essence, they wanted to see how the technical capabilities of Smart Parking sensors could fit in their IoT landscape.

The Smart Parking Solution

With the goal in mind to show of our technical capabilities, we set out to provide the Port with smart parking sensors on individual parking bays within the RDM wharf. 

Parkeagle was awarded a contract

The Port of Rotterdam wanted to test out multiple systems next to each other to see the different capabilities of the companies. So the contract was awarded to Parkeagle and the largest Dutch competitor. 

Services that were needed to solve the parking problem

The Port of Rotterdam wanted a simple Smart Parking setup to meet all their needs:

  • They wanted wireless sensors to measure the real-time parking occupancy per individual parking bay
  • They wanted an automated historical parking occupancy data report to do their own analytics

Solution stack provided by Parkeagle

Smart Parking Sensor

  • We’ve installed 20 Smart Parking Sensors for individual parking bay detection

Historical Parking Data Reports

  • We’ve provided a historical parking data report on a three-month basis

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