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Smart Parking at the City of Noordwijk aan Zee

Helping beachgoers to find an available parking space while saving time and fuel

The Parking Problem

The municipality of Noordwijk wanted to provide a solution for the increase in search traffic which was the result of beach visitors in search of a parking spot near the beach. In essence, they wanted a parking solution that would reduce the number of tourists roaming around the parking lots across the city on busy days.

The Smart Parking Solution

With the goal in mind to reduce search traffic, we set out to provide visitors of Noordwijk real-time information on parking occupancy at every parking facility. Our counting sensors count vehicles at larger parking facilities and our smart parking sensors detect the parking occupancy of individual parking bays.

Parkeagle won the European Public Tender

Out of multiple contenders, Parkeagle managed to show its flexibility, operational and service minded strengths, and technical abilities. This resulted in winning the contract to provide a Smart Parking Solution for five parking lots and the entire boulevard in Noordwijk.

Services that were needed to solve the parking problem

The municipality of Noordwijk wanted a full-service Smart Parking solution to meet all their needs:

  • They wanted wireless sensors to measure the real-time parking¬†occupancy on the main boulevards by the beach
  • They wanted an extremely accurate counting system to measure parking occupancy for their five largest parking facilities
  • And finally, they wanted a real-time connection with their new PRIS (Parking-Routing-Information-System) to guide visitors to the best parking lot of space for them.

Solution stack provided by Parkeagle

Smart Parking Sensor

We’ve installed 390 Smart Parking Sensors for parking bay detection at the large boulevards near the beach

Smart Counting Sensor

We’ve installed 11 counting systems to measure parking occupancy at 5 large parking facilities in and around the city of Noordwijk


We’ve built a custom API to connect the smart parking and counting systems with the current operational PRIS system to guide visitors to the best available parking spot or facility for them.

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