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Parkeagle does the job by measuring parking occupancy, duration and turnover data of individual or multiple parking bays by leveraging the power of smart sensor technology so you can make the most valuable, actionable, and data-driven decisions when managing your parking assets.

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Our solution accurately predicts the occupancy rate at a designated taxi stand in the City of Rotterdam. Actionable policy can be drawn on the basis of hard facts and figures generated by our smart parking sensors.  

How do we do this?

Our smart wireless sensors measure the rate of taxi vehicles passing by. Through a network of multiple sensors, the occupancy data and the turnover rate at the taxi stand are compiled and measured in the cloud. Once and for all the city knows the rate of taxi drivers passing trough the taxi stand. No more guessing.  

Detect any type of vehicle

We specialize in the detection of scooters, motorcycles, person-car, SUV’s, van’s and trucks.

Our customers reach out to us for very specific reasons all based on a need to detect vehicles from the ground up. They want to know how many vehicles are moving or standing still in real-time. But not only that, accurate analyses of passing vehicles and the rate of which vehicles pass by is data our clients want to optain to gain better insights into their 

At cruise terminals, we are able to see the rate with which trucks are moving. We are able to predict where congestion might play a role in delays. Sensor data can be used to accurately asses an infrastructural problem. At loading and unloading area’s we are able to accurately predict the turnover and speed by which trucks are loaded and unloaded. The usecases for ground sensor technology are endless. 

At loading and unloading area’s we are able to accurately predict the turnover and speed by which trucks are loaded and unloaded. The usecases for ground sensor technology are endless. 

Does your business have a specific need to detect vehicles?

Shaping the connected cities of the future

With our smart parking sensor technology and smart guidance app, we empower cities to become the Smart Cities of the future. Cities that are less polluted, less congested and more livable for citizens. 

We truly believe now is the time for cities to invest in cleaner, healthier and more accessible cities. We help cities to become ready for the future where data shapes the way policy makers come to critical decisions. 

The parking problem in cities is not going to disappear by itself. We need to collectively push for innovation and technological advancements to build cities for the next generations. Help us build these cities together!

Invest in optimization

Decrease the need to invest in more charging stations

With our smart parking sensor technology and smart occupancy app, we empower enterprises to leverage their electrical charging stations more effective. 

Our Charge & Park solution empowers facility managers to increase the turnover per charging station by actively incentivizing employees to move their fully charged vehicles.

Some major benefits for your employees

  • See the real-time occupancy at electrical charging at your office
  • Join a virtual queue and get notified when it is your time to charge your electric vehicle
  • Forget the hassle of crowded WhatsApp groups to manage who can charge when

Optimize your parking assets by making data driven decisions


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